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Kids Campaign & Other Business

Did you know that we are breaking in the new building this week?! woohoo! Though it doesn't have lights, a door, flooring, or bars on the windows, we are going ahead and taking advantage of the larger space for the KIDS campaign. We wanted to hold the meetings there in order to invite the neighborhood kids (it's on a new street) so they and their parents can start to feel comfortable coming to our new building! It is summer vacation here, so we actually have 2 kids campaigns planned for this month!! We're really excited!

Please pray that this opportunity to use the new building will bring many interested souls.

We'd like to introduce to you all, an amazing young lady, Dhaly! She has been VERY busy working with us this month. She is here doing her missions practicum to finish her course for Bible school. The first week she accompanied Micah and the boys on the river trip, and was in charge of the meetings for the women and children. The second week, she was in Yurimaguas with the church there... she put on a 5-day club + daily women's mtgs + a course for Sunday School teachers, all in one week! BU-SY! Last week, she did the women's meetings here in Tarapoto and THIS week she is in charge of the Kids Campaign we are hosting. Thankfully, another young person from Trujillo flew here at the beginning of this week, and he has been a really big help with the kids as well.

Did we happen to mention to her the fact that most people after just ONE week of working with Micah are totally dead dog tired?! I'm not sure we thought of it at the time she asked us! :)

But, we sure are happy that she's here. ;)

Capacitacion Biblica Yurimaguas is about to begin... so we've seen several passers-through and one surprise guest arrived today. Antonio's luggage didn't make it onto the same bus he arrived on, so he's being detained and will be spending the night in our living room (all our other bedrooms are already booked beyond their recommended double-occupancy!).

Micah will be teaching next week in Yurimaguas, so you can pray for all of us. That his classes will be well-received and that those of us left behind will be able to accomplish much on the school front while he is away.

Amy for all


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