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Long overdue...

April 22, 2010
Praying Friends,

Wow. SO much has happened in the last... well, the last 3 months really, that we have gotten all outta whack in regard to normal updates. We are WAY behind in updating! We are SO sorry about that.

I don't think we have ever before been SO busy. I think I always think that ;)

  • 1st week - Micah occupied 24/7 with last minute preparations for his courses. Christ ever the subject.
  • 2nd&3rd week - we had a harrowing trip but arrived whole at IBEM in Trujillo. The first week we had fewer students, which was altogether pleasant. Over the weekend, we all trudged 6hrs. up the road to Cajamarca to witness a very special wedding. Afterwards, we came back to a full final week of classes and enjoyed Pedro Torres from Bolivia who taught on church growth.
  • 4th week - We then had a week of car repairs, good news publications, running here and there and everywhere, soaking in starbucks, sneaking in a solitary blazing day at the beach... and saying goodbye 14 times to our missionary family (because we did not leave when we said we were going to and had to keep saying goodbye - that was fun :) And the kids were happy, because we got to spend Easter with everyone.
  • 1st week - celebrated a Risen Savior... all week long. If Christ didn't rise from the dead then we are above all men, most foolish.
  • 2nd week - travelled back to Tarapoto; it went super smoothly :)
  • 3rd week - Micah taught a homiletics (how-to preach) course each day from morning 'til the early afternoon.
  • 4th week - we are plum in the middle of now...
Micah is currently on a river trip and tonight is staying in a village called 'Leche' [milk] or is it San Jose? memory fails. Micah will be able to fill you in on the details when he gets back. Anyway, the three guys, Micah and 2 of the young men from the assembly, set out Monday by car and then by boat to visit some of the villages that were beyond where they were able to get to last trip. They went 'further in' this time as the level of water is more conducive to reaching the pueblos farther away. Each night they hold an evangelistic meeting, and in the morning also, and then move on during the day. Tomorrow, they'll be on foot for 5 hours in order to get to the next village, Santa Rocio.

Please pray for health & safety
(they are in an area with high incidence of malaria, and traveling by river is unpredictable)
Pray that the Lord would be glorified and that this work would bear fruit
Pray that He would be guiding each day's meetings, drawing the people who's hearts have been prepared.
Pray for us while he's gone - homeschool, joy, holding down the fort
Most of all pray that we would LOVE Him with our whole hearts, and be ever willing and usable in our Potter's steady hands.


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