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Tarapoto to Trujillo

Hey there everybody!

So here we are in Trujillo! hah! Normally, we like to write before we travel to take advantage of all those extra prayers that keep us on the road and healthy during the LONG trip between Tarapoto and Trujillo. This time it was not to be, however, since our computer seems to be giving up on us. We're really not sure what the problem is, but we're hoping maybe someone here in Trujillo can fix it? We shall see.

Regardless of our lack of communication, we trust that the Holy Spirit has been reminding you to pray for us! We know that our Father cares for us and will not forget us, even if you do, so don't worry!! heheheh. But we know that MANY of you do pray faithfully on our behalf and we are SO grateful! We are ever conscious of our utter dependence on the Him, the Living God, our Father.

This month is IBEM! Please be praying for the students and the professors. There is so much to tell, and so little time to write at the moment. I'm hoping to write again while we are here with a little more information (fuel for prayer and praise!). The Lord is at work as always and we can't wait to share with you some of His praises!

In the meantime, will you pray for us this week?

  • IBEM - Students and professors. Micah is teaching Christ this week!
  • Travel to Cajamarca for the wedding of the year (2 fantastic friends of ours) and back
  • All the other thousand things we've got to do while here...
  • Tarapoto meetings, that all will go smoothly while we are away.

You guys are the greatest!!

The Tuttle Tribe -

residing in Tarapoto, currently in Trujillo, looking forward to the celestial city


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