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Micah is in Huimbayoc for the bi-annual convention of the river churches. He called me this evening to let me know that he was relieved to be finished with all six of his talks and that he felt that they all went well. He'll be excited to tell you all when he gets back of having spent time with a young man who trusted Christ at an open air meeting on one of his latest river trips.  We know that the Lord is under no obligation to make us aware of this fruit, but isn't it something that he chose to share it with us? What encouragement!

I also want to post a few pictures from Father's Day. After church in the morning, we ate our own chickens in inchicapi soup (peanut chicken soup) and escaveche de pollo (onions with chicken on rice). Then at the night meeting we had well advertised that we would be showing the movie Fireproof. It was excellent and very well received. The electricity went out actually just as the meeting was set to begin, so Micah just preached until the lights came back on.  The lights came on just in time and the movie played all the way through (which is sometimes a concern ;).  It worked out rather nicely.

Our four fathers, eating at the table of honor! :)

and this is about half of the kids...

Thanks for praying!

Micah and Amy Tuttle


At June 29, 2010 at 2:51 PM Deb Schneider said...

Really neat about the "fireproof" movie and Micah preaching while the electricity was out. Love it.
Have been praying for you...


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