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River Trip... {part three}

Journal entry for 6-4-2010

Early this morning, I read Psalms 1-30 with the guys.  We walked 2 miles to Pelejo, talking.  Once in Pelejo, visited the main church leader, who gave us breakfast of plantains with HOT chile sauce.  During the day we visited many houses, sharing the gospel and inviting them to the meeting in the night.  In the evening, the verdant greens faded, the sun set, the stars began to glow.  Preached Isaiah 55, in the dark to a good crowd in the plaza de armas (town square).  I couldn't see anyone, until later when the light came on and sure enough I'd been preaching to a good sized group of people.  Many were shaken and wanted to talk afterward.  It seems like many people were interested in the message, but once again, we kept hearing the same sad story, people don't want church because of the bad testimony of a handful of leaders in the church.  We NEED leaders.

Arturo (the almost blind missionary with lots of the Bible memorized),
myself and Hildebrando (the elder in the church at Pelejo).


At June 11, 2010 at 10:31 AM Martine said...

Hi Micah,
You are really doing a great job! Must be very hard sometimes. I admire your courage and your trust in the Lord.
We'll pray for you and all the Tuttles!


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