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We have arrived! :)

[this was written a week ago now!! we have yet to arrange for internet!]

We made it! A big thank you to everyone who was praying for us on our trek back to Peru! Happily, we arrived in Lima without a single glitch. We are all pretty glad to be back. Thursday we'll take an overnight bus to Trujillo where we'll be excited to see everyone here on the coast and to get in on the (IBEM) Bible Institute plans before we prepare for our move back to the jungle. [we're here now! bus trip went well!]

Yesterday we spent some time looking for a much needed vehicle. We've outgrown our good ol' faithful, yet tired 25yo Isuzu Trooper, lovingly referred to as the 'Tuttle Trooper' which has now broken down in the middle of nowhere on our last three trips from the jungle to the coast (17hr drive).

We mentioned our need of a new vehicle to a few people who specifically asked, and I want to share how really neat it has been to see how God has already begun to provide for this! Last Sunday just before I got up to preach, Uncle Dick from EBC in Portland, came to me and said "Someone has just given $1,000 for your car fund"... I thought, 'Wow, we don't even have a car fund!' When I finished preaching he said, "I just received another $1000 for your car!" Later, at lunch Dick called my parents' house to say, "$1,700 more!".... We are floored by the goodness of God through the generosity of His people! God provides!!!

Over the last few months we have set aside about $5,000 for a van. Added to the gifts from Eastgate Bible Chapel, we now have about $9,000. The van we're looking at is going to cost just under $20K. This is a LOT of money and we are not sure what God will do, but He continues to amaze and we want to praise Him for it!   If you would like to help us buy a van, financial support can be sent to:

P.O Box 13, Spring Lake N.J, 07762

[enclose a note: "gift designated for Micah and Amy Tuttle - buy a VAN"]

or you can also now give online!
Visit our page @ CMML.us


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