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Bert Elliot is home with the Lord

Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Every single one of us was born, has lived, and one day, unless the Lord comes first, we'll all die. It's absolutely certain. Eighty some odd years isn't all that long either. We're here for a short time, given a measured out life, and presented with only one really important choice. Based on what we decide, we live out the remainder of our days either in love with Jesus, rejecting and ignoring Him or in dread fear of Him. When our appointed hour comes and we cross that finish line, what will people say about our life? What will God say?

He's all done with this world of tears. Our uncle Bert Elliot is with the Lord! Many, many will have stories for years to come about Uncle Bert's life. How he loved them, helped them, or showed them Jesus. Many are the tears that are still to be shed though, because we will all miss him very much. The man who looked so much like and lived so close to Jesus finally gets to see Him face to face! If we're sad today it's only because we have to wait to see him again. Truly our hearts are glad at the reunion that is happening in heaven right now. When asked a few minutes ago if he could imagine what Uncle Bert might be experiencing right now, without skipping a beat Josiah said, “Yep, gold roads.” :)

For days now, we've all been waiting with him for his appointed hour. As a little friend of mine said, for Uncle Bert it was like waiting in a really long line to get ice cream. Uncle Bert loved ice cream. :) Now that he's where his heart's desire is, the rest of us will have to figure out what life here looks like without him. There will be a service this evening and another tomorrow before the burial. Please pray for our dear Aunt Colleen, for peace and comfort and that the Lord would show Himself ever closer and dearer to her heart in the days to come. Pray also for the church here to respond profoundly to what the Lord would have us all learn in the upcoming weeks through the passing of our dear brother.

-Amy for the Tuttle's


At February 18, 2012 at 1:38 PM Debbie Williams said...

Dearest Amy and the Tuttle Tribe,

First, eventhough I'd only met Bert a couple of times at Eastgate, you could just see Christ through him and I know he'll be missed.
Second, contragulations on the addition of jewels to your family.
Third, have you ever considered writing a book. I know life is busy for you right now, but I would so enjoy reading the story that is your family's life and I know it would be a great light to others. Your Tuttle Tribe blog posts are such an inspiration to me that I post them at our little church to share with others. I know Christ will shine through your words and experiences to touch the lives of so many others that don't have the priviledge of knowing you. Please consider this request.

Love and Blessings in Christ,

Debbie Williams

At February 20, 2012 at 11:46 AM Anonymous said...

I was curious how old Mr. Elliot was at the time of his death?
Thank you!


At February 24, 2012 at 9:56 AM Anonymous said...

Amy, while on a mission trip to Peru, I had opportunity to interview Bert in his home. I am going to post that interview to my site on Sermon Audio... www.SermonAudio.com/KnowingTheTruth

Pastor Kevin Boling


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