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River Trip Diaries, June 2012 {day five}

We baptized twenty-three new believers today! Crowds of people stood on the beach to hear the preaching and then witness the dunking. It was a great testimony to the village to see these new Christians taking this important step of obedience to Christ. Please pray that each new believer will go on for God's glory and bear much fruit.

Another very important meeting that took place today was that of the "delegados". This is where the leaders of the assemblies in the various villages come together for prayer and to make decisions about where, when and how the next convention will take place. We also deal with church problems, the questions and the needs that each one has. It is always a very long meeting (5 hours or so) but also extremely strategic in the health of these churches. One thing was very evident they all need help in the Lord's work.  So much to do and not enough workers...


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