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River Trip Diaries, June 2012 {day four}

This morning I preached from Matthew 2:11 "the wise men worshiped Jesus". More and more people are crowding into the church building every day. Word is spreading through the village that the preaching is worth listening to.

At mid-morning we had a double wedding. Two couples that had been living in fornication made professions of faith on the first day and immediately wanted to put their life in order starting with a legal marriage. I preached Ephesians 5 and Jairo did the ceremony, the village authorities came to sign the correct documents as everyone crowded around to watch this strange event. Not too many people get married in these villages so this was a really great testimony to all the onlookers!

At the evening meeting I preached from Judges 3. The house was really packed out and it was great to preach the word to listening ears. The Lord seemed to use it. When I finished I was able to talk with one broken couple extensively about their souls.

To wrap up the meeting we had a offering for a brother who got his leg shot off in his own shot-gun trap (He was hoping to get a wild boar but when he went to check the trap he forgot where it was and accidentally walked right through the trip-wire.)

On our way to bed there was a huge thunder and lightning storm and by the time we got back to our hut we were totally soaked. Some of the young guys and I decided that since we were already drenched we might as well go for a swim in the river. It was spectacular to watch the display of God's power in a lightening storm while swimming in the Huallaga river at midnight! Praise be to His name!


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