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Arrival and Ministry in Achinamisa

After about 10 hours on the trail we finally limped into Achinamisa (our final destination).  The brothers and sisters there had been expecting us and were very excited about our arrival.  Hugs and smiles and laughter and back-slapping abounded.  Believers from some of the surrounding villages had heard of our visit and had come to what was turning out to be a mini-conference.....  And thank the Lord....  the open-air meeting was postponed an hour so we could wash up and eat something.

Someone had hunted a wild boar, a few others brought in heaps of plantains and some of the women had prepared several pots of chicha.  The feast boosted our energy levels, the bench at the table helped to rest our weary bones and the love of the brethren infused us with encouragement.  After this much needed recharge we were ready to go out and face the crowds that were waiting for us in main square.  That night, despite the aches and pains, we were able to preach and sing and testify to the greatness of our God.

In the course of our visit we had another open air meeting, a children's sunday school, 7 baptisms, and a few meetings with the church.  Joel Hernandez, missions professor from Emmaus, was a huge encouragement to the believers as we milked him for every drop of ministry he had in his bones.  The 7 students from Emmaus and 6 from Trujillo were all very helpful and had a "stretching" but great learning experience.  The way back home was much easier as we took a boat back to civilization and then capped off the trip by taking turns preaching on the radio in Chazuta.
Missionary quote for the day:  "If Jesus Christ be God and died for me, then no sacrifice can be too great for me to make for Him." — C.T. Studd

-Micah for the Tuttle's


At August 20, 2012 at 8:10 AM Christopher R. Mattix said...

10 hours on the road with my dear-old Emmaus friends, sounds like they really got a "run for their money" with you (which I warned them of).
Thanks for all of your hard work with the people in the jungla, God bless you. Saludos to your family, my friends from Emmaus, and the brothers in Tarapoto, Trujillo, etc. Looking forward to seeing you all in several months.


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