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Flood relief with Mya - the jungle girl

Three weeks ago we were able to buy and pack up two tons of food and take it to the church in Papa Playa.  As many of you know, the people in this village have suffered the loss of all their crops due to excessive flooding.  The brothers and sisters in Papa Playa were overjoyed to see us arrive with the much needed food.  Many people had tears of gratitude in their eyes as they received their ration.

Mya had a great time playing with some of the village kids as she led them in setting out the piles of food for each family in the church.  The Lord provided for us to be able to give 50 families enough food for about two months.  Each ration had 10 kilos of beans, 20 kilos of noodles, 1 gallon of cooking oil and a box of sweet bread.  God in his great love and provision even sent, an out of season, huge run of fish up the Huallaga river.  What a great God we have!  He provided fish at the "wrong time" of the year to go along with this truck-load of carbohydrates!       

Even the food vendors, where we bought the noodles and beans, wanted to help.  They had heard in the local news of the difficult situation in Papa Playa and wanted to contribute by selling the food to us at cost.  We are so thankful for how the Lord has worked and provided in different ways.  This has been a great testimony to the whole village and a real need is being met.  What a great God we serve!       

Mya had the full river-trip experience as she got to go in a canoe, visit a chocolate plantation, sleep in a tent, use a smelly out-house, drink chicha, sit through a few of her dads long sermons.... and to top it all off.... she even saw a black boa.  What fun!  Now she's begging to go again :)      

The brothers in Papa Playa will still need provisions for the next few months until their newly planted crops can start producing again.  Lord willing, we plan to take another load of food next Monday (April 29th).  Many of the believers here in Tarapoto are contributing as well as a few brothers from Lima and Trujillo.  Within the next couple of days we will get a deposit from CMML and then be able to use the gifts sent this month for flood relief.   The church in Papa Playa wanted me to say that they are extremely grateful for your help and the love that you've shown to them.  Thank you! 

-Micah for the Tuttle's      


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