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"El Chasqui Del Rey"

In our last ministry update I mentioned that God has blessed us with a boat!  We are sooooo thankful for the brothers at Heartcry Missionary Society who provided us with a generous gift to help purchase this tremendous ministry tool.  It took about a month to build it and now it's finally ready for use.

We have decided to call the boat "el Chasqui del Rey".  "Chasqui" is quetchua for "messenger" and "Rey" is spanish for "king".  Therefore this boat is "The King's Messenger".  We are very excited to use this boat for the glory of our King Jesus!  Pray for us as we use the "Chasqui del Rey" to make God's name great in this part of the world.

Yesterday I hitched the boat up to our Isuzu Trooper and hauled it for four hours from Yurimaguas (where it was built) to Chazuta which is a strategic village along the Huallaga river and a sort of launching pad for missions in the area.  I was a bit nervous towing something so big and long on our landslide-prone highways but in the end the trip was without difficulty.  God is good!

When I arrived in Chazuta about fifty brothers were anxiously awaiting my arrival.  They all sprang into action helping me to get the "Chasqui" down to the river and then helping to mount the 60 horsepower Yamaha outboard motor.

Seventeen brave souls jumped into the boat with me and risked their lives as I learned to work the outboard motor.  Brother Roberto (who drives a boat for a living) taught me what to do and then we were off.  I raced up and down the river...... without a single accident!  :)  On Sunday afternoon "the Chasqui del Rey" will be making its first ministry trip.   I'll be taking 15 brothers on a week-long missions trip to six different villages.  Please pray for this upcoming trip and thank God with us for this wonderful boat.

Micah for the Tuttle's

Missions quote for the day by Martin Luther:  "I have held many things in my hands and I have lost them all; but whatever I have placed in God's hands, that I still possess."    


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