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Greetings from the jungles of Peru! 

Last week I spent a few days in a village called "Tununtunumba"..... Yep, that's how you spell it.... "Tununtunumba"..... Kind of fun to say isn't it :)   Most of the inhabitants (more than 1,000 people) speak both Spanish and Quetchua.  This village is not on my normal circuit and so this was my first time in Tunutunumba which is just one of the many villages along the Huallaga river.  The brothers in this pueblo have been begging me to come and preach in their village for the last couple of years and it just hasn't worked out until now.  There are so many villages and so much ministry to be done!!!!! 

People need the Lord!  Many people in this village are HIV positive, homosexuality is prevalent, witchcraft is being practiced on different levels, and Coca is being cultivated and harvested in secret.  All day long I went from hut to hut sharing the gospel, giving council, praying for people, giving out medicine and New Testaments.  In the evening many people gathered in the soccer field to listen as I preached the gospel with everything I had in me.  It was a tremendous privilege to preach the love of God to these needy and lost souls.  Please pray for Tununtunumba!

Praise the Lord!  God has provided a boat for our river evangelism!...  Well, almost...  It is being built and it should be ready in about two weeks.  Some brothers from "Heart-Cry Missionary Society" visited us a few months ago and wanted to help in the work by providing us with a boat.  We are going to share this 25 passenger, aluminum, ministry tool with the brothers in Chazuta who are also faithfully preaching the gospel in several of the villages along the Huallaga.  Please thank God with us for this tremendous blessing.

We have a new kid!  No, not really, but we do have a short-termer staying with our family.  Twenty-year-old Christine LoPiccolo from Houston Texas is staying with us for the next three months.  She is a wonderful help to Amy in the homeschooling of our little kids and is willing to help with everything.... even digging a ditch....  :)  she has brought us much encouragement and we are grateful that she is here!      
Missions quote for the day:  "To belong to Jesus is to embrace the nations with Him." — John Piper    

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