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Dad! "Preach God"

Ten days ago brother Eber and I headed down river in the "Chasqui del Rey". The Lord really seemed to use us as we were able to encourage the brethren in several pueblos. Along the way we picked up a few key brothers to go and study at the much anticipated "Capacitacion Biblica" in Yurimaguas. We spent the night in one of my favorite villages (Achinamisa) where we preached in the square, taught in the church and worked on their construction project. After a great time with the church we continued our journey on to "the big city" where the Bible classes were to take place.

Before I left on this trip Bria wrote me a note admonishing me with several things including: "Don't be lazy" and "Preach God". I tried to follow her instructions.... In Yurimaguas I taught 40 students in two classes: Evangelism and Eschatology. The students had to bear with me for five hours every day and in the end I think they enjoyed the long and grueling study :) We desperately need God to raise up biblical preachers and teachers here in the jungle to carry on the work. Please pray for me as I keep to Bria's advice, make disciples and prepare key men in this forgotten corner of the world.

Each evening after the classes were over and after having rested a bit I took several of the students with me to go and preach in the open air. On most occasions we started out singing to draw a crowd. Then I would preach. After about 30 minutes my aching vocal cords and sore abdominals couldn't hold out and I'd have to quit. Then, being drenched in sweat I'd sit down to speak with heartbroken individuals. All the while the students passed out tracts, gave council and did one-on-one evangelism. These were great times of being used by the Lord and used up for His glory. Please pray that God would cause fruit to be born through our labors!

Missions quote for the day by George Whitefield: "I love those that thunder out the Word. The Christian world is in a deep sleep! Nothing but a loud voice can awaken them out of it."

Micah for the Tuttle's


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