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Flood the villages!

Missionary tidbit for the day: C.T Studd, famous English cricket player and millionaire, left all to be a missionary in Africa when he saw a sign at church with the words: "CANNIBALS WANT MISSIONARIES"

On a different missionary note: The rainy season has arrived! The river is blown out and several of "my villages" are flooded. The high waters have served to remind me that it is my goal to rain down the gospel of God on these villages and flood them with the glory of Christ.

A few days ago four Peruvian believers and myself headed down the turbulent waters of the Huallaga river to spearhead this months scheduled missions trip. Lizzi Espinosa from Trujillo, who ministers with Child Evangelism Fellowship, went along with us to work with children and to train some of the sisters in how to do Sunday school. It is a real blessing to see her biblical approach to reaching children with the gospel.

One objective that I had for this trip was to take a 13 horsepower "Peke peke" canoe motor to evangelist Kiker Napuchi. This brother is doing a great job of visiting his neighboring villages, preaching the gospel and encouraging the brethren. He was really excited and thankful when he received this new ministry tool. With this brand new "peke peke" he will be able to get around a lot faster and go to a lot more villages.

Before embarking on our trip I had told the team that I was going to cut out early and head back to Tarapoto so as to be with Amy for our imminent baby birth. So after preaching in Navarro and then sending the team off to continue in the next villages I headed back up river in the "Chasqui" toward home. I was really hoping that the baby wouldn't try to come while I was gone and thank the Lord... she didn't. Now I'm home and we're preparing for this big event. Please pray for us. She's coming any day now!

Micah for the Tuttle's


At March 27, 2014 at 10:41 AM Anonymous said...

Congratulations my friends on the new little one.


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