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Back from Lima

After visiting the concrete jungles of Lima we are now back in the Amazonian jungles of Tarapoto. It's great to be home! We had to go to the big city for about ten days to do the daunting task of updating our passports and resident documents. Thank the Lord that everything went relatively smooth. It's really great to have that job done!

While in Lima we were refreshed and encouraged by the saints from different congregations. There were several opportunities for ministry as I preached in churches, I preached on a bus, I preached in a home to a packed out living room, I preached on a soccer field and I preached at a prayer meeting. In 1 Tim 4:2 the apostle Paul said: "Preach the word! Be ready in season and out of season". In The New Micah Translation it says: "Preach Bible any time you can and to anything that moves"

In the midst of all the business we were able to fit in a two day trip to the sea with some friends who invited us to their beach house. It was a really great time of fun in the sun. We played in the ocean, played in the sand and played in the pool. Our kids loved it.... So did Amy and I..... We thank the Lord for those good times and the wonderful memories.

Micah for the Tuttle's


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