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Raising Boys to be Dragon Slayers

The princess baby Ellia and Queen Amy are doing great! The two other beautiful princesses, Bria and Mya are great helpers, and Amy's mom has also come to be a help for a couple of weeks. With things settled at home, I figured the time had come for the warriors of the family to go out and slay dragons.

Last week, Javen, Cullen, Josiah and I with a few other young men from the church set out on a long and dangerous jungle trek. We walked for 7 hours slogging through the mud, crossing streams, traversing mountains to arrive at the lake 25 kilometers on the other side. It was hot and it was humid. Lots of sweat. Lots of blisters. Lots of perseverance. We ran out of water. We ran out of food. We ran out of energy. But we toughed it out. This was a "man trip". We were out to conquer the jungle - to do hard things - and we were victorious.

When David heard the words: "Give me a man," (1 Sam 17:10) he RAN to fight the giant. (17:51)
Please pray for us as God helps us to raise boys who will become men who RUN to the Lord's battles, slay today's dragons, and through Christ are victorious!

Micah for the Tuttles


At April 21, 2014 at 5:34 PM Nikki said...

Enjoyed watching the video of you and your boys!


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