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The Lord Is Working

God provides! The other day I made the last payment on our property here in Tarapoto! We now own 5 city lots (17,000 sq ft of land and a 5,400 square ft partially finished building. The good hand of our great God has been with us as we have trusted in Him to provide the finances. No fund-raisers. No begging. God did it without us even advertising the project. Praises to Him!

A few years ago we "stumbled upon" this great deal and signed a contract promising to pay $50,000 in 5 years with no interest charged..... Less than three years have gone by and God has enabled us to pay the full amount! Not only have we been able to pay off the said price we have also been able to invest a considerable amount of money into the construction itself. Hudson Taylor once said: "God's work done in God's way will never lack God's supply." It's true! Maybe it's presumptuous to assume that we are doing God's work in God's way.... But that's our goal and we can testify that we have not lacked God's supply!

We have been praying about using this property to start a one year Bible institute/discipleship program and it seems that God is starting to put the pieces into place. Jesse and Janel Mattix (veteran missionaries to Bolivia) just spent two weeks here with us thinking about the possibilities and are praying seriously about coming to help. There is still a lot of money needed, a lot of construction to do and a team to form before we can get the institute off the ground but it is exciting to see that things are beginning to take shape!

About ten years ago we helped to start a missionary bible training institute (IBEM) on the coast of Peru. Since then we have been helping with a network of brethren here in the country that have done a great job establishing this mobile training center. Until now IBEM has been functioning in Trujillo, Lima and Cajamarca with month long modules, night classes, and intensive weekends. Our hope is that those activities would continue and that we could become a jungle branch of IBEM with a longer term focus. There is a great foundation of people and experience in place and now with our property and a local team coming together (maybe) things are beginning to get exciting.

Missions quote for the day by Samuel Zwemer: "The history of missions is the history of answered prayer."

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