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Thirteen Things to Pray for...

*(This post was originally posted at Manifold Musings of a Missionary Mom, which has since moved to A Pilgrim's Project)

Thirteen Things To PRAY For
- For all of us to pray -

1. Supernatural, self-sacrificial love for our husband and our children
2. That we would LOVE Christ and show that love to the people around us
3. Our kids' salvation
4. That we would seriously desire to walk in step with the Spirit
5. That the Holy Spirit would remind us (convict us) to yield to His leading
6. Opportunities to be a light to our neighbors
7. That we would not attempt to appease God with our actions, but that we out of thankful hearts would rest in HIM.

- and then on a personal note -

8. We are being audited by the IRS 9. Healing for a lady in our Spanish Bible Study who is suffering from severe bleeding
10. Leonel, the new believer in our study - that he would remain faithful and learn/grow much in the upcoming months
11. That Micah would be sensitive to the Lord's leading and guidance for our lives/ministry
12. Micah in his studies and ministries
13. That I would be diligent in maintaining my priorities -
a.Obedience to Christ,
b. Service - Micah, my kids, etc., and
c. Ministry outside our family

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