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February Fun!

Tarapoto, February 2010
We are very excited about what's been happening here in Tarapoto. Now that we have a building with four walls, a roof and a door, things have really been rearing up and ready to go! This week, was the first time the women and the youth group have met since last year. The two last Sunday night meetings had nearly 50 people! Everyone is really excited. With our own meeting place, somehow it just 'feels' more like church! Yay!

Pray with us that this building will long be used to His glory!!

The picture below is a picture taken during the Sunday morning Lord's Supper. Less people come in the mornings, but we are content that all the core group of believers are able to fellowship during this meeting. The kids meet for Sunday School in the back during this first service, the Bible Hour. The Breaking of Bread service follows with everyone present. Though every week there are a few glitches, we are enjoying working them out one by one.

We LOVE how the light shines in the double high windows!!

The women have been really anxious to start meeting, as they haven't officially met for almost a year now. Here's a picture of our group this last Thursday. For the next few months, Amy will be co-teaching through 'Encuentros con Jesucristo', Moments with Jesus Christ. Pray for us as this is admittedly not the season for Amy to be involved in ministry outside the home, but the Lord is stretching us both in many different areas.

January through February has definitely been termed the season of visitors. Though it is rather disruptive to the regularity of life, we hope it will be this way EVERY year! :) It is summertime on this part of the globe, so classes are out, and most take advantage of their vacation time. Also, due to the fact that Bible Capacitation courses [Capacitacion Biblica] take place in Yurimaguas during February, and because Tarapoto is on the way to Yurimaguas, we've had LOTS of guests. We have enjoyed having all of them (14) as well as short-termers (2). All the kids especially enjoy the visitors despite the fact the boys have had to forfeit their room since the middle of January. Our house is not really adequate for guests, so we are thinking to look for another rental house when our contract comes up in August, with at least a couple of guest rooms! This picture was one of the more recent fun guest-filled days...

Thank you for praying for us, we can use every ounce of grace granted! These months have not been without trial, and we thank the Lord that His grace is sufficient and that His power is made perfect in weakness. We are so grateful for all your love and support.

In Him,
the tuttles


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