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I'm so sorry for not posting an update for a while now.  We have been very busy and I just haven't separated the time to sit down and write about all the action.  So here's a quick summary of our major events this last month. 

After three weeks of home-school conferences in the States Amy arrived back home in Tarapoto.  What a relief!  We survived without her, but not without great difficulties.  It's great have her back again.  Now the kids are getting back into the regular school routine and no longer have to suffer in submission to "home-school dad style"  

Just before Amy arrived we were blessed to have a wonderful team from the mountains of Cajamarca come and visit us for a few days.  It's great for our kids to "rub shoulders" with these teams of fervent believers that come from many different places to visit us and help with the ministry here in the jungles of Peru.  This team helped in construction and evangelism before going on to a national youth conference in the next city over.

I have been taking the opportunity to preach open air in many different places and in many different ways lately.  In the park.  In the main square.  In the market.  In the street.  Last week one of the assemblies in Yurimaguas asked me to hold a tent meeting in the street in front of their chapel.  It was a great time as the whole neighborhood gathered around to listen to the gospel.  I preached until my voice was gone and even then the people didn't want to leave.  Could have gone on for hours.  Many people were convicted and reflecting on their spiritual condition before the Lord.  Please pray that God would work in the hearts of many who are hearing the gospel!

In the midst of all the evangelism last month I was also able to squeeze in three conferences in three different cities.  In Yurimaguas I spent a week teaching two courses.  One on the book of Nehemiah and one on the Christian home.  In Sisa I spent four days at a youth conference preaching on the theme "Don't waste your life".  And in Chazuta I taught on leadership to 22 indigenous pastors. 

The time in Chazuta was especially interesting as I shared with the key Christian leaders of different tribes in the Amazonian jungle.  These brothers came from all over the place, some of them traveled for more than three weeks to get to the conference!  All of them speak and read Spanish as a second language and it was very interesting to hear them all chattering away in their different tribal tongues.  These natives literally took off their face paint and indigenous dress and put on normal clothes in order to come to the "big city" for this conference.  Most of them are from tribes where there is very little Christian witness. 

It was an amazing opportunity for me!  I tried to take advantage of every moment to encourage each one of them.  Twelve of these brothers had nothing more than a simple New Testament as their only study material.  I was able to give each of them a John MaCarthur Study Bible, a Randy Alcorn booklet on heaven and a evangecube.  I'll never forget the brother from the Jivaro head-shrinking tribe that thanked me profusely with tears in his eyes.  Please pray that The Lord uses these men for His glory as they exalt Christ in their tribal contexts.

Missions quote of the day from Living Waters:  "You want Beautiful Feet? .....skip the pedicure.... Share the Gospel!"

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