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Where are the prophets?

Where are the prophets today? I mean those that preach the truth with conviction, with power, with authority, with courage. Where are they. I don't care about their education or if they have a seminary degree... I ask: Where are the men who have really met with God? .... Look at the men that God used in the Bible. Peter a fisherman, Gideon a nobody, David a shepherd.... Amos was a farmer but roared like a lion.... Jeremiah was a youth but he had fire in his bones... Elisha could see things that others couldn't. Where are these kinds of men today?.... They are busy playing on their I-phones. They are checking the scores of yesterdays game. They are catching up on twitter. They are looking at facebook. They are posting on their blog..... Uh.... I gotta go now....

Micah for the Tuttles


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